Acoustic vs Electric Guitar for Beginners – Which is Best to Learn On?

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  • Acoustic vs Electric Guitar for Beginners – Which is Best to Learn On?
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Playing guitar is a lifelong love – from the moment you play your first full song, you’ll be addicted and desperate to learn more! But before you start to strum out your all-time favorite songs, you’ll need to learn the basics and pick the best beginner guitar to learn on.

But before you pick your instrument, you have a major decision to make!

Electric vs Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – which is best for you?

There is no straight answer to this question it is possible to learn how to play the guitar on either instrument. A lot of it will depend on your own personal preferences.

So, before you get started, make sure to read our Might Be Famous Guide to Picking the Right Beginner’s Guitar for You.

How Are Electric and Acoustic Guitars Similar?

Although the approaches and techniques towards playing may vary a little, learning electric guitar for beginners and acoustic guitar for beginners are actually very similar processes.

  • Both instruments have six strings, tuning pegs, frets, and a fretboard.
  • The notes you learn will be the same.
  • The chords and scales you will learn can be applied to both instruments.

Both choices will allow you to make quick progress in your journey to being a guitar player – as long as you commit to practicing regularly!

Choosing between acoustic vs electric guitar will depend upon a variety of factors. And each choice will depend upon your individual personality, preferences, and learning style. So, before you make your choice there are some things you need to think about.

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners vs Electric Guitar for Beginners

Below we will take a look at the different aspects of learning to play an acoustic or electric guitar. Depending on your priorities, by the end of this article, you should have a good idea of what type of guitar is best for you.

Your Choice Between Acoustic vs Electric Guitars Might Depend Upon Your Favorite Music

The key to learning the guitar will be learning to play the music that you enjoy and that inspires you. If you are a Bob Dylan fan an acoustic guitar will be a natural choice. If Slash is your idol, then you’ll naturally gravitate to the electric side of things.

If you enjoy the sound you are creating and the songs you are learning, you will be much more motivated to practice and get better. So don’t forget to think about your musical taste when making your decision!

The Feel Will be Different on An Acoustic or Electric Guitar for Beginners

One of the biggest differences between an acoustic and electric guitar will be the feel of the instrument as you play it. The two types of guitar are quite different in structure, and this leads to different experiences while learning.

On an electric guitar for beginners, the strings will be thinner – which some may find easier to play. When someone plays an electric guitar, the string material (usually steel or nickel) will be able to create a full volume without requiring the thickness that you’ll see on most acoustic guitars.

An acoustic guitar is structured differently from an electric and the sound of the strings is amplified by the hole on the instrument. The strings need to be thicker than on an electric guitar so that you can produce a pleasant sound and tone.

Thicker guitar strings may be harder for you to bend, and you will need to create more tension when ensuring your guitar is tuned properly. But you’ll soon be able to pick it up even if you experience difficulty in the beginning.

The difference in the thickness of strings is one of the reasons that the techniques for learning on an acoustic guitar for beginners and an electric guitar for beginners differ. 

There Will Be A Difference in Weight and Shape Between Electric Guitars and Acoustic Guitars

Electric guitars will typically have thin necks, which you may find easier when it comes to learning finger positions. The overall body shape of these guitars may also feel a bit better as they usually have more ergonomic designs.

Acoustic guitars for beginners will usually be light, however, and if you will regularly be taking your instrument back and forth to lessons, this is something you should consider.

Acoustic VS Electric Guitar – Which is Easier for Beginners?

Although an electric guitar may have thinner strings, a thinner neck, and an ergonomic body shape – it does not automatically follow that they will be easier for you to learn on.

The acoustic guitar requires no supporting equipment, meaning that when it comes time to practice, you’ll just need your guitar and a pick. This makes it a lot easier to top up on your practicing whenever you have a spare ten minutes or inspiration strikes. You also don’t need to rely on there being any outlets whenever you want to create a full sound.

However, you can still practice your finger positioning and strumming on an electric guitar, and if you are in love with the idea of playing electric, the extra setup shouldn’t put you off too much.

Take Your Time and Don’t Rush Your Decision

Now that you have discovered some of the differences and similarities between electric guitar for beginners and acoustic guitar for beginners, you should have a bit more of an idea about which option is the bests for you.

And if you’re still not sure – then why not take a look at the guitar options available at Might Be Famous, inspiration just might strike!

Where Can You Get The Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners and Electric Guitars for Beginners?

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