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  • Donner Black Electric Guitar DST-1B
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    Donner Black Electric Guitar DST-1B

    The Donner DST-1B electric guitar is a good beginner guitar. This full size 39" guitar includes a ebony fingerboard, maple neck, basswood body, and S-S-H pickups (single coil, single coil, humbucker). Additional features include volume knob, two tone knobs, and pick-up selector switch.

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  • Donner Red Electric Guitar Strat Style DST-100R
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    Donner Red Electric Guitar Strat Style DST-100R

    The red Donner electric guitar is feature rich and a good guitar for beginner or intermediate players.  Featuring both single coil and a humbucker in the bridge position, this guitar offers versatility in playing a genres such as blues, rock, pop, and more.

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