About Us

"Might Be Famous" is a new brand that is designed for beginner to intermediate level players. We offer a range of affordable electric guitars that are perfect for those just starting out, or advancing to the next step in their musical journey. We strive to use durable and long-lasting materials that are affordable yet long lasting. 

Our Mission

At Might Be Famous, we are dedicated to fostering the next generation of musicians through the creation of innovative and high-quality musical instruments. We strive to push the boundaries of traditional design and manufacturing techniques to deliver instruments that inspire and empower musicians of all skill levels. Our mission is to provide musicians with the tools they need to express themselves and make their mark on the world of music. We are committed to building a community of musicians who share our passion for innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Our Founder

The founder of "Might be Famous," Chris Foerster, is an individual who has a passion for music and innovation. He have taken his knowledge and expertise to create a line of electric guitars, effects pedals, and accessories that are designed to meet the needs of modern musicians. He strives to be a creative force in the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with musical instruments. Dedicated to providing an affordable quality instruments to their customers, and their company is quickly gaining recognition in the industry. With a strong vision for the future of electric guitar design and manufacturing, Chris is poised to make a significant impact on the music world.